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  • L. Cui, Y. Zhu, P. Nordlander, M. Di Ventra, D. Natelson, "Thousand-fold Increase in Plasmonic Light Emission via 
    Combined Electronic and Optical Excitations", Nano Letters 21 (6), 2658–2665 (2021).​

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  • Y. Zhu, D. Natelson, L. Cui, "Probing energy dissipation in molecular-scale junctions via surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy: vibrational pumping and hot carrier enhanced light emission", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 33, 134001 (2021).

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       – Featured in Nature Nano News & Views: “Molecular junction refrigerator"

       – Featured in Nature Nano Editorial: “A Cool Paper"

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  • R. Miao, H. Xu, M. Skripnik, L. Cui, K. Wang, K. G. L. Pedersen, M. Leijnse, F. Pauly, K. Wärnmark, E. Meyhofer, P. Reddy, H. Linke, "Influence of quantum interference on the thermoelectric properties of molecular junctions", Nano Letters 18, 9, 5666-5672 (2018).

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       – Feature in Science Perspective: “Nanoscale transport: Probing the limits of heat flow

       – Video: "Measuring a Quantum of Thermal Conductance"


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