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June 2023 – Longji presented our recent TPV work in TPV-14 (14th World Conference on Thermophotovoltaic Generation) and received a Honorable Mention.

May 2023 - Congrats to Sai and Mohammad on passing the Research Prelim, formally becoming PhD Candidates!

April 2023 - Longji presented an Invited Talk in 2023 MRS Spring Meeting on Electrical Driven Hot Carriers Generation and Light Emission in Molecular-Scale Plasmonic Junctions.

April 2023 – Congrats to Mohammad on his first paper published on Applied Energy!

March 2023 - Congrats to the team winning an NSF I-Corps Award on the development of a novel thermophotovoltaic (TPV) system!


March 2023 – News on Longji's NSF CAREER Award - Cui earns CAREER Award for research in nanoelectronics and renewable energy technology


October 2022 – Nanoscale Views wrote an interesting read on the recent Nano Letters Paper ("Tuning Light Emission Crossovers in Atomic-Scale Aluminum Plasmonic Tunnel Junctions")- Getting light out of plasmonic tunnel junctions - the sequel

July 2022 - Congrats to the team winning an AFRL award on the study of enhanced electro-optical photodetection based on plasmonic hot carrier nanostructures!


April 2021 – News on the recent Nano Letters paper ("Thousand-fold Increase in Plasmonic Light Emission via Combined Electronic and Optical Excitations")- Combined energy sources return a burst of photons from plasmonic gold nanogaps


March 2021 – Phys. Org reported on the recent Nano Letters paper ("Thousand-fold Increase in Plasmonic Light Emission via Combined Electronic and Optical Excitations")-Teamwork makes light shine ever brighter


July  2019 – Physics Today reported an story on the single molecular thermal transport work - Custom probe measures the thermal conductance of a single molecule

July  2019 – Nature published the first measurement of thermal transport in single molecules ("Thermal conductance of single-molecule junctions")

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